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Cinema Advertising is Big Business, So Mergers are a Natural
Cinema advertising is definitely an effective marketing tool for some advertisers, while for others they have yet to see the good thing about this unique type of media. When an advertiser hears the term "Cinema Advertising" automatically they think the slide that is shown on the silver screen with the soothing music played in the background.

For many years that's exactly what it's been but companies just like the National Cinema Network and Regal Entertainment alongside new technology have changed the scope of how cinema advertising is perceived. At many theatres you can actually have a total digital experience from the time you buy your tickets to enough time that you sit in your seat. With LCD screens in the theater lobby and digital advertisements replacing both slides and rolling stock, it's no wonder why both Regal and AMC Entertainment are on the search for more mergers and acquisitions.

The phasing out of slide and rolling stock advertising in cinemas across the nation and the progression to digital advertising puts the cinema advertising game in a new field. Rendering cinema advertising software inviting for advertisers, entertaining for the patrons and most importantly giving advertisers potentially a larger return on their investment.

This just adds to the bottom line of the theater, more advertising means more profits, this is exactly what will drive mergers in this industry. cinema advertising software keeps growing up and the firms that control the industry will reap the rewards that may follow.

They will no longer have to seek outside assistance to attract advertisers with their advertising platform, Regal and AMC have implemented this practice already and they haven't looked back. So now with AMC merging with Loews Entertainment and Regal Entertainment overtaking the National Cinema Network, it just remains to be seen as to which one of these companies will undoubtedly be sinking their teeth in to the Cinemark theater chain.